Restaurant Pasta Extruder Machine

Pasta Extruders

Our pasta extruders are designed for professional kitchens who need to produce high quality fresh extruded pasta. Most extruders feature a built-in mixer allowing you to create your pasta dough without the need for a planetray mixer. Pasta dies are easily interchangable allowing your pasta extruder to create various pasta shapes and sizes including penne, rigatoni, bucatini, and strozzapreti.

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  1. The New Dolly III, improving on the Dolly II, the most compact professional pasta extruder on the market!
  2. Our most popular professional tabletop pasta extruder. The P3 is completely made of stainless steel with removable components for cleaning and maintenance. In addition to extruding both short and long pastas, the P3 is capable of producing ravioli with the optional ravioli attachment.
  3. New SousChef Pasta Extruder

    The SousChef (by Imperia & Monferrina S.p.A.) is a revolutionary new pasta extruder featuring a fully removable hopper and components for easy cleaning and sanitation. The optional MonoSfoglia Ravioli Attachment allows the SousChef to produce the most handmade looking ravioli, crafted from a single sheet of pasta.

    NSF standard 8

  4. Designed for medium to large restaurants, the P6 Pasta Extruder not only produces a high volume of extruded pasta but also can produce specialty products such as ravioli and gnocchi with the optional Multi-Pasta attachment.
  5. The P50 by La Monferrina is the step up from the popular P6 Pasta Extruder and is great for any high volume restaurant or someone looking to produce fresh pasta for retail sale.
  6. The PDUE (P2) is the ideal pasta machine for large restaurants, small pasta shops, and supermarkets. Featuring dual mixing hoppers for continuous production, the PDUE produces laminated sheets of pasta and with optional attachments is capable of producing specialty products such as ravioli, gnocchi, and tagliatelle. The DVE option allows the PDUE to extrude various shapes such as rigatoni, bucatini, and penne.

  7. The Chloe Extruder Attachment transforms your planetary mixer into a high production fresh pasta extruder, perfect for restaurants, delis, and pizzerias looking to add a fresh pasta selection.
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