Capitani Universal 85 Super


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The Capitani Universal 85 Super is the ultimate all-in-one pasta making machine. It mixes dough, creates pasta sheet, cuts the pasta sheets to various widths, and makes ravioli.



The Capitani Universal 85 Super is an all-in-one pasta factory! The Universal 85 Super is a combination pasta machine that brings together mixing, sheeting/laminating, pasta cutting, and ravioli making in one powerful pasta machine. The process starts with the mixing vat that evenly blends together your flour and water. The vat easily transfers the pasta dough into the powerful 280mm dough rollers. The dough rollers produce a fine sheet of pasta that starts as the foundation for any great pasta. Pasta sheets can be cut to length and passed through one of four automatic cutters or rolled and placed on the automatic ravioli maker. With the Universal 85 Super anyone can easily produce a large amount of fine pasta with ease.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight (lbs)No
Shipping Weight (lbs)0

Mixing Vat/Hopper

Pasta Dough Sheeter/Laminator

Ravioli Maker

Tagliatelle Pasta Cutter

Package Includes

Universal 85 Super Pasta Machine

1 Ravioli Mould

Tagliatelle Cutter

Ships Via FreightNo

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