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Welcome to Pastabiz

Pastabiz specializes in pasta machines, ravioli machines and pasta extruders for the home and restaurants. We sell pasta machines, pasta extruders, pasta makers, pasta sheeters, pasta laminators, dough mixers, planetary mixers, home pasta machines, home pasta makers, home pasta extruders, restaurant pasta machines, restaurant pasta extruders, restaurant pasta makers, gluten free pasta machines, gluten free pasta extruders, gluten free pasta sheeters. Also offer pasta dies, pasta moulds, gnocchi makers, gnocchi machines, ravioli machines, ravioli makers.

Nina Pasta Machine Extruder

Restaurant Pasta Machines

Our line of restaurant machines are designed for medium to high production. These pasta machines can operate at high volume for 3 to 6 hours per day. Pasta makers in this category range form the table-top NINA Pasta Sheeter to the freestanding P6 Pasta Extruder. These pasta machines also work with optional attachments like the Multi-Pasta which allows for the production of ravioli and gnocchi. We also offer innovative pasta makers like our Extruder Attachment for Planetary Mixer.

Imperia Pasta Machine

Home Chef Pasta Machines

The modern home chef has a wide range of tools for creative preparations. We carry a line of Imperia Pasta Rollers to produce flat pastas like lasagna and fettuccine. For long and short extruded pasta shapes the Torchio Hand Press is perfect for making shapes like rigatoni and spaghetti. Our Hand Rolled Ravioli Trays help you make the perfect ravioli every time.

Our home machines are designed for short productions lasting 1 to 3 hours a day, but definitely enough for you and your extended family. From our smallest hand-cranked pasta maker to our mid-sized motorized machines, the home or novice chef can achieve high quality pasta with ease. With the right tools the process of pasta making is simplified and enjoyable.

Commercial Pasta Machine

Commercial Pasta Machines

Commercial Pasta Machines are designed for higher volume artisan production. The are generally used 6 to 12 hours per day (depending on model) and are very reliable. They feature larger motors, gearboxes, and additional cooling to allow for higher production runs. Commercial Pasta Machines are perfect for large restaurants or small pasta factories wishing to increase production.



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