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Come visit EMILIOMITI's Pastabiz and Volanobiz at these upcoming events. 

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History Channel

Emilio Mitidieri, president of Volanobiz, demonstrates the mechanics behind some classic antique meat slicers and just how sharp these slicers are on a History Channel feature.

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Artisanal Textured Pasta

Ruvida is the Italian term for 'Rough'. Pasta with a rough texture holds sauce better than pasta with a smooth finish. Many prefer the bite of sheeted pasta but the rough finish of extruded pasta offers advantages over pasta produced through smooth rollers. EMILIOMITI pasta sheeters fitted with Ruvida rollers combine the best of both, offering an artisanal rough texture with the classic bite of traditional sheeted pasta.

Pasta Ruvida

Artisanal Textured Pasta

Pasta Ruvida Rollers

Pasta Ruvida Textured Rollers

Video Description

Did you recently purchase a La Monferrina P3 Pasta Extruder or are curious how to make fresh pasta on one of the most popular table top pasta extruders? With these tips you'll be able to produce top quality fresh pasta using only semolina flour and water.


EMILIOMITI has been working closely with chefs for nearly 40 years. From the chef curious about getting into the world of pasta to established James Beard Award winners, EMILIOMITI's success ultimately lies in the success of the chefs we work with. We are located 3 blocks away from Flour + Water and have been working with Chef Thomas McNaughton since the building phase of his famed San Francisco restaurant. In his book, Chef offers his opinion on working with Emilio.

"My goal, however idealistically, is to make Flour + Water a pasta think tank. Within that spectrum, we have a wide range of pasta possibilities, both made by hand and made by machine. And at the end of the day, that's what Emilio wants to give the chefs he works with: He wants them to create, to learn and to think about pasta in a new light."

- Chef Thomas McNaughton, Flour + Water

Flour + Water Pasta offers recipes, stories, and personal insight into the pasta world and culinry inspiration of Chef Thomas McNaughton. The book is available for purchase here.

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